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I have been working with Kathi Potts as my personal trainer for over two years now. In that time I have increased my strength and decreased my dress size. Kathi is an incredible motivator. On those nights after a long day at the office, I am not really feeling up to a tough workout with Kathi but she really makes it all worth it! Her workouts are challenging (to say the least!) and keep me motivated to keep up with it. She is very innovative and there is a lot of variety in our workouts. I don’t know that we have ever done the same workout. I can’t recommend Kathi highly enough! She is tough but with me, working out with her has proven results.


After 15 years of not working out, I was leery to begin again.  Gary took the time to understand my concerns and establish realistic training goals.  In a short time, I saw immediate results.  I had greater strength and stamina.  I could walk up the stairs without breathing heavy and had more energy during the day.
I know that my progress occurred because of Gary’s approach to personal training.  He customized each fitness session by taking into consideration my body type and workout goals.  At the start of each training session, he would ask me, “how’s your body feeling?”.  If I had a concern, Gary would immediately redesign the workout to ensure that my body was not compromised.

Also, Gary’s understanding of human anatomy is impressive!  Many times, I would ask him about a physical symptom I was experiencing.  Often, he was able to address my issue faster than my own medical doctor!

However, what makes Gary special is that he truly cares about his clients.  He takes his time each session to listen to my concerns and respond in a thoughtful way. In addition, he is a great encourager!  There are instances when I think an exercise is too difficult and Gary reminds me that I can do it!  Thanks to Gary’s efforts, I am continually surprised what I am able to achieve in the gym.  I highly recommend Gary Potts to anyone who asks.  His training sessions have changed my life.  I am convinced that they will change yours!


I came into Team Potts with the hope that I could continue my training with a trainer who was invested into my goals with the type of fitness I wanted to pursue. Having come from an unsuccessful 3 months of training with another trainer who did not seem as invested as I was with building a workout routine that worked for me, I found that Gary met my needs. His enthusiasm and encouragement made me feel more comfortable in weight training and stretching. What I enjoy about coming to Team Potts is the level at which the trainers start you off based on your endurance and agility. From there, they work to help get you from a beginner’s stage to an advanced stage. 

For me travelling from Poway to Carlsbad twice a week, helps to keep me engaged in my workouts. I know that when I go to my sessions, I’m getting the best workout outside of the gym. Both Kathi and Gary are awesome. And it’s through their passion for helping others that you feel welcome and taken care of at Team Potts. I look forward to another session.


If you come train with TEAM POTTS, you are guaranteed to get in better shape, look better, and feel better.  It is safe, but, make no mistake, it is not easy, especially at first.  But that shouldn’t surprise anyone.  If getting in better shape, looking better, and feeling better was easy, we’d all be doing it.  TEAM POTTS is for people who are willing to do what it takes takes to get what they want.  Now, BOW TO YOUR SENSEI!!!!


I have been working out with Gary for over three years. I am very happy with my results. I find Gary’s workouts very challenging and imaginative, never boring! Gary stresses proper form and technique. I have never had an injury while working out with him. Thanks to Gary, I am in the best physical condition of my life!


Two years ago I was diagnosed with a precursor to osteoporosis. After a little over two years of training with Kathi Potts, I have increased my bone density and strength. She has affected my life in a major, positive way. She holds me accountable for maintaining my progress. Most of all…she makes me laugh!